In-Store Promotions

We carry out multiple indoor and outdoor events, placing our clients' products in front of qualified consumers and the correct demographic.

Face-to-Face Solutions

This is not your typical sales process. Our ability to bring a professionalism and honesty has left a good impression on our clients, partners and customers.

Professional Representation

Our professional team of brand ambassadors can create a buzz around your product in any busy area, high-traffic event or predetermined market.

Customer Experience

Your brand loyalty will increase after our friendly and professional team build consumer confidence in your product or service.

Process Development

Our marketing campaigns are thoroughly tested to achieve maximum impact and results upon launch.

Lead Generation

We generate quality leads, allowing you to follow up with prospects and turning them into paying customers.

Campaign Management

We guarantee the best results by identifying your target demographic through extensive research and proper execution of a campaign.

In-Person Marketing

Rather than impersonal digital advertisements, our direct approach delivers 'the personal touch' much needed for your brand.

Direct Sales

We acquire quality customer by personalizing the consumer experience and finding the most appealing ways to present your product or service.

Our Approach Is...

With our one-on-one strategy, we ensure that our clients are well represented and our customers are completely happy with our client's products and services. Experience accounts for 90% of customer retention, if your customers are happy, they will remain with you until the end of times.